Cryptol is an open source project, hosted on GitHub, licensed under the three-clause BSD license.

We believe that anyone who uses Cryptol is making an important contribution toward making Cryptol better. There are many ways to get involved.

Cryptol Blog

We will continue to blog about Cryptol, which you can read here. Note that blog posts earlier than 2014 refer to version 1 of Cryptol, and may have different syntax.


If you write Cryptol programs that you think would benefit the community, fork the GitHub repository, and add them to the examples/contrib directory and submit a pull request.

We host a Cryptol mailing list, which you can join here

If you run into a bug in Cryptol, if something doesn’t make sense in the documentation, if you think something could be better, or if you just have a cool use of Cryptol that you’d like to share with us, use the issues page on GitHub, or send email to .


If you plan to do development work on the Cryptol interpreter, please make a fork of the GitHub repository and send along pull requests. This makes it easier for us to track development and to incorprate your changes.