Cryptol has been under development for over a decade with many people contributing to its design and implementation. Those people include (but are not limited to) Iavor Diatchki, Aaron Tomb, Adam Wick, Brian Huffman, Dylan McNamee, Joe Kiniry, John Launchbury, Matt Sottile, Adam Foltzer, Joe Hendrix, Trevor Elliott, Tom DuBuisson, Lee Pike, Mark Tullsen, Levent Erkök, David Lazar, Joel Stanley, Jeff Lewis, Andy Gill, Edward Yang, Ledah Casburn, Jim Teisher, Sigbjørn Finne, Mark Shields, Philip Weaver, Magnus Carlsson, Fergus Henderson, Joe Hurd, Thomas Nordin, John Matthews and Sally Browning. In addition, much of the work on Cryptol has been funded by, and lots of design input was provided by the team at the NSA’s Trusted Systems Research Group, including Brad Martin, Frank Taylor and Sean Weaver.